Unlocking Your True Self & Getting Paid For It

This workbook is designed as a series of questions and exercises to help you identify your talents, giftings and highest values

Unlocking Your True Self & Getting... Unlocking Your True Self &... Unlocking Your True... Unlock The You Within
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What you will learn?

Identify your highest values
What is important to you
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Finding value in your voids/challenges
Voids can bring value
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Unlocking your true self and getting paid for it
Purpose pays
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Identifying the fears that block your path and how to overcome them
Overcoming your fears Free class!
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About the course

This workbook consists of a series of questions and exercises to help you discover and unlock your natural talents, giftings and values.

The aim of this program is to assist you to identify what you are natural gifted at and use this to help you build your dream career or open your dream business.

You will also be learning how use your voids (past failures, negative experiences) to identify your highest values.

I will also be teaching how to use these negative issues as a platform to create a product/service of great value that you can make money from or advance your career.

This is an amazing program that will change your life. your perspective, your career or your business to be inspiring and align with your purpose and true self.

You can read the testimonials below of a few others who had similar positive experiences. 


What do you get?

- Workbook with questionnaires and exercises

- Masterclass facebook group to clarify any questions and concerns




More info

About the teacher

Rachelle- Ann Louear

Rachelle-Ann has been building businesses for over eight (8) years and is very passionate about...

It is her purpose to help women break through all obstacles and hurdles in life to accomplish their big goals and dreams. 

Through her courses, she helps women to change negative mindsets and build strong focused thoughts and actions. 

Unlock The You Within

Unlock your natural talents/abilities, overcome all your obstacles to start your dream business or advance your career
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